José Rodríguez Peña, handmade guitars maker, was born in Andújar in 1958. He started making guitars in 1971, influenced by Miguel Rodríguez and Manuel Reyes, both of them fine guitarreros from Córdoba.

José Rodríguez Peña makes high quality handmade guitars, classical as well as flamenco ones.

His favorited method of finishing them is the French polish. He makes first class guitars, all of them numbered. His guitars are exclusively made for clients like Pepe de Lucía, Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Alejandro Sanz, los Panchos, Paco Serrano, Miguel Barberá, among others. José Rodríguez has participated in several events like exhibitions such as the Santiago Úbeda Hospital, in the Flamenco World Fair, etc.

His guitars are exhibited in the Andalusian Flamenco Foundation in Jerez (Cádiz), as well as in particular collections. The National Classical Guitar Contest in Coria (Cáceres) has got one of his guitars as award for the winner.

His early dedication and daily work have consecrated him in the world of Flamenco as well as Classical as one of the finest Luthiers existing in the world.